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About Us


Quality is of utmost importance to EverLife and ensuring that premium quality is a round the clock practice. That is why each of our raw materials are rigorously tested to ensure identity, authenticity, and potency. In addition to establishing those parameters we also perform stringent tests for contaminants. EverLife products are manufactured in a Natural Products Association Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility.  We follow the most demanding FDA standards to ensure you receive the highest quality product.


 Adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)

    • Complete raw material sampling, including identification, analysis and release to predetermined specifications
    • Microbiological analysis to ensure it meets specifications for levels of harmful salmonella, E coli, yeast and molds
    • Inspection of rooms and equipment to be used in blending, milling, drying and coating
    • Sign off procedure prior to start of all processes
    • Double check weighing system of all ingredients to eliminate mixing errors
    • Computer recording of weights, eliminating human error
    • Testing for hardness, thickness and friability at half-hour intervals to ensure uniformity
    • Chronological sequence tracking in each step of production to provide a reference record for any possible problems
    • Finished product sample analysis from production line
    • Sample retention from all batches for one year after Best By date
    • Amber colored recyclable glass bottles preserve freshness
    • Labels list all ingredients to avoid consumer allergic reactions to unnamed ingredients
    • Best By dates guarantee freshness
    • Full body, tamper-evident sleeves ensure consumer safety

Why is quality important?

    • Is your supplement manufacture ensuring quality raw materials are used in production?
    • Are the raw materials used in manufacturing of your supplements tested thoroughly before going into production?
    • Is your dietary supplement solution compliant with all federally regulated current Good Manufacturing Practices?
    • Is your dietary supplement provider investing in its own Quality Assurance and Quality Control operations?
    • Is your dietary supplement attaining additional third party certifications with increasingly stringent standards?
    • Does your dietary supplement solution invest in systematic Quality Systems such as analytical instrumentation, cross-contamination control, metal detection, x-ray systems, new cutting edge manufacturing equipment, and Enterprise Resource Planning?

Independent laboratories have demonstrated that quality systems are lacking throughout the dietary and vitamin supplement industry!
    • Raw materials may not be tested effectively and therefore may be sub-potent, contaminated, adulterated, misbranded, and or may contain foreign material
    • Products may be manufactured outside the United States where laboratory sampling, test methodology, and calibration may not as stringent as US standards.
    • Pricing pressure can result in supplier shortcuts, which may lead to sub potent, diluted, or adulterated raw materials.
    • Potential batch to batch consistency and uniformity issues may occur between production runs.